You’re a Soldier After All.

"Brothers, from different homes from opposites ends of our country, brought together by destiny. You would bleed for each other. Die for each other."

Grateful as fuck.

Thanksgiving weekend just passed here in Canada, and I had been on the road driving across country from Ontario to my home in Alberta. Originally, I had been visiting my family for my nieces 3rd birthday as well as attending The Great Canadian Woman Summit and the official launch of my second book collaboration, The… Continue reading Grateful as fuck.

The Universe is always supporting you.

Today.... today was a day.  After only 4 hours of sleep the night before, I arrive at the airport for 5:15am to get through security, pick up my Starbucks coffee and banana bread. I hear the tremor in the cashiers voice as she she tells me my bill, barely above the octave of a whisper.… Continue reading The Universe is always supporting you.

It Chose You.

For a long time I have been on a journey to discovering myself, unlearning all the things society taught me under the guise that "you have to do it this way". Whether you are a man or a woman, we are told to act a specific way, complete certain things, blah blah, fucking - horseshit,… Continue reading It Chose You.

Failure IS Success; We Learn From Our Mistakes

Failure is success; we learn from our mistakes is a tattoo I have sported on my left thigh for nearly 8 years. It came about during a conversation with a group of female co-workers just before I headed to Ontario to visit family. At the time, being mid-twenties and thinking I had failed miserably in… Continue reading Failure IS Success; We Learn From Our Mistakes