About the Creator

Born in Ontario, Canada, Falon grew up surrounded by the lakes and wilderness of the well-loved Muskoka region. Here, she developed her love of the wild, raw beauty of our Mother Earth and all the creatures that live within her. Falon feels deeply connected to the planet and considers herself to be an Earth Witch, instinctively attuned with both fauna and flora alike.
Falon has been a lover of books since she was a young child, so it is no surprise that she would eventually open herself to the possibilities of writing. Raw and authentic, she openly shares her passion for life and explores her spirituality, sexuality and emotional self discoveries in the relationships she has experienced.
Currently she is creating a platform to help other women tap into deeper healing, find their voice and uncover their true self through a community based on sisterhood.
Spiritually guided, she believes everything happens for a reason and is learning to trust the process while enjoying the journey the Universe has in store. . . as long as there is coffee.

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