Welcome to Life’s Dirty Secrets

Life’s Dirty Little Secrets began as a place to openly express thoughts, feelings, fears and desires. As it’s developed it has become my business. A space to develop the tools for helping others find their voices and uncover their true powers.

We, as women, have been taught that to be a Feminist is a bad thing. It’s vulgar and repulsive. When in reality, it is women (and a few good men) supporting women and trying to make a difference in each others lives.

My goal is to raise up as many women as I can while I take this journey. I don’t know all the answers, but I have seen… some… shit! I have done things that would make your toes curl, all in the search of exterior love. When all I needed to do was look inside and to my sisters.

This blog site will be a place for me to share my stories in the hopes that others see and realize they are not alone. I have experienced the same or similar moments and survived, grown and rose stronger. So can you.
Life’s Dirty Secrets will share stories and opportunities to share stories and well as provide tools to help other share their stories.

As I travel down this rabbit hole of becoming an Author and Entrepreneur, I will share my experiences, as well as my books and other publications along the way.
Believe it or not, the real journey only just began September 2018 when my best friend shared the contact information of a Toronto based Publishing House. I took a leap of faith and the further and further I go, the curiouser & curiouser things get!