For all the offers below, please contact us directly to book a call to discuss your options and individual needs. We can customize the services to meet your unique requirements.

Collaborative Projects – Published through The Goddess Guild
We are currently seeking Co-Authors for several of our projects of varying subjects. If you have always wanted to write a story, be published and express yourself, but are unsure of how to do it, would like to dip your toes in first, lets discuss your story and find a project for you! Check out our projects page so see what we are currently collaborating on.
Standard rate to collaborate is $1997/chapter.
– Assistance in discovering/choosing your story
– Coaching through story development
– Suggestive editing and review
– Professional layout and design
– Registration on Amazon (worldwide) for the project
– Individual Author registration on Amazon
– 10 printed copies of the book for your own private sale ($250-300 cash in your pocket)
– Access to ordering additional copies at cost for your own private sale and self marketing
– Plus additional bonuses unique to each project.

Writing Coaching
You have a story you want to write, but need a little more guidance on how to do it and how to get your story out there – We can assist with this too. We have a coaching package to guide you through discovering your inner narrator, writing your story, creating your platform and, should you chose – be published in a book.
4 weeks of coaching with 1:1 support is $1000

Editing Services
You have your story written but need an extra set of eyes to review and provide feedback and suggestive editing before sending off for publishing – we got you covered!
We can review, make suggestions and check for grammar and punctuation and assist with organizing the content to ensure it flows effectively and gets right to the point.
Blogs (approx 1500 words)- $100
Chapters (approx 3000 words plus bio)- $250
Books (approx 20 chapters at 3000 words each)- $4000
*If assistance with story development is required, additional coaching services may be bundled.