Life’s Dirty Secrets will be creating change within our society to help raise each other up and heal wounds of our past to protect our future.
The following projects each relate to a particular subject and will officially open for registration as outlined.
If you are interested in joining any of the projects below, please reach out to us through the contacts page to book a call and discuss further.

Beginning 2019

A Life of Service – Currently Open

Our service members have suffered in silence, without a proper platform to discuss their stories and struggles with life and mental illness after service. PTSD is very real, very difficult and taking far too many lives. It’s time these brave members of our society share their stories and for the rest of us to listen.
We are looking for 15-20 service members, veterans and retired members to share their stories about life before, during and after service and what it is like to live with PTSD.
These stories may be written by the members themselves or with the assistance of Life’s Dirty Secrets through the ghost writer program. Each collaborator will have the opportunity to be openly published or published anonymously.

There is no fee for Service Members to share their story in this project.
50% of proceeds from sales will go to Charities to support our Troops.

Email to submit your request to collaborate or make a donation to the project.

Soul Sister Series – Currently Open

Sisterhood, whether by blood or choice, is an incredibly important and powerful gift and tool not just for surviving but for owning your life.
This book is meant to showcase the beauty of sisterhood, support among women, soul mates, the spiritual guides and mentors that all hold a unique and special place among the lives of women. Soul Sister Series will help to identify when relationships are toxic, who is fake and who is worth your divine light and what you should be offering to your circle of sisters.
We are looking for women who have a unique story about how they met their best friend, their soul sister and how they found their tribe and what it meant to them and their lives.
Each collaborator will be openly published and have the ability to utilize their chapters and the finished product within their businesses.
For more info, email or visit The Goddess Guild

Divine Sexuality – Opens 2020

It is important for women to undress themselves from the cloak of society, dive into their femininity and celebrate the divine gifts that make women uniquely beautiful. Far too long women have been shamed for their sexual thoughts and desires when in actuality they are Goddesses and should revel in it!
Divine Sexuality is an opportunity for women from all walks of life to share their stories of sexual exploration, sexual discovery, and acceptance as well as the struggles they have encountered (an overcome) while doing so. Only when we take back our power as a collective will we be truly free to live with the passion we so richly deserve.

Embrace your sexual Goddess and explore the divine urge to crawl into bed with yourself and share with the feminine community, in all your naked glory, the funny, the embarrassing, the sensual and erotic experiences of your sexual journey to discovery.
Each collaborator will be openly published and have the ability to utilize their chapters and the finished product within their businesses.
For more info, email

The Rising – Opens 2020

In this life we have to try, fail and rise in order to grow and become better. Much like the phoenix lives, burns and rises to become the best version of herself.
The Rising is a collaboration of short stories and poems depicting our unique journeys, experiences and feeling through the life/death/life cycle.
Each collaborator will submit up to 3 pieces (either 3 poems, 3 short stories or a combinations of each – 1 submission per part of the cycle) and will have their name and media links published with each piece within the book.
For more info, email