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The Great Canadian Woman Book Series

Released October 5th, 2019
Created with The Great Canadian Woman, Sarah Swain, and 13 other incredible Canadian Women as they share their stories about what it means to be Strong Women in Canada.

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”Even though it has already been three years since he passed, his heart literally giving out from the weight of his burdens, many of us have said it still feels like yesterday. I believe this is the impact felt when someone as deeply loved and admired as he was is taken too soon. Living in his truth and loving as openly as he did made him larger than life.  It took three years for many of us to come to terms with his death and say our goodbyes in that field. Many of us still struggle with our guilt and regrets today – myself included”

Authors of The Great Canadian Woman Book

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Dear Time, Are You On My Side?

Published April 2019
Originally written in collaboration with 19 other incredible women from around the world, we came together to share our unique perceptions and experiences with time.

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Soul Sister Series, Published by The Goddess Guild

I am also pleased to announce I will be launching my own project under The Goddess Guild Platform – Soul Sister Series! This project will be a part of The Goddess Diaries collection of Anthology Books as women from all over the world connect and collaborate to share their stories with the goal to heal and spread love and light to other souls around the world.

The Soul Sister Series – Coming June 2020!!

You can find out more about The Goddess Guild and what is being created within the community by visiting the website HERE